CloudTurbine "multi-spatial recorder" (MSR) is a technology that streams, records, displays, plays back time-space data.

CT/MSR aims to provide the Star Trek "holodeck" experience, extended to include multiple distributed real-time participants.

First generation "CTrollaball" is the baseline user interface for viewing and playback.

Project Goals

3D Object Tracking

Integrate selected 3D object tracking streams to CT/MSR. Stereoscopic cameras feeding Tensorflow object detection, sent to CT via CTudp is a first-cut approach.

Progress: 10%

Virtual World Rendering

Building upon the "CTrollaball" prototype, develop a CT/MSR mixed-reality viewer. Special attention to be paid to rendering realistic human avatars to satisfy a "wish you were here" experience.

Progress: 10%

CT/MSR Infrastructure

Advance and adapt underlying CT file system to satisfy performance and functional needs of CT/MSR system. Examples include filesystem structures to support inventory, save, load, checkpoint features.

Progress: 40%


Developer Updates

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Team Members

Matt Miller