The CTandroidAV Android smartphone app streams real-time audio and video data in CT files via FTP from a phone to a desktop or cloud computer.

The CTandroidAV app combined with the CT system provides a wide range of capabilities.

Project Goals

Enhance the UI

The current iteration of the CT AndroidAV app is visually too barebones. Our goal is to have a clean and minimal GUI to open up the app to the a wider audience.

Progress: 10%

Create iPhone Version

CT AndroidAV is currently written in Java. Our goal is to translate the app into Objective-C or Swift for iOS implementation.

Progress: 0%


Developer Updates

Initial Developer Note

January 3, 2017 Matt Miller

Considering┬áchanging name from CTandroidAV to “CTvideo”, a more generic application name for when it may run on iPhones and other devices.

Team Members

Matt Miller

John Wilson

Travis Miller