Source Apps

Source apps are responsible for translating your data into the CloudTurbine data format.

CTtraveler - CTtraveler is a CloudTurbine-enabled Unity 3D application which demonstrates enhanced visualization for a NASA autonomous vehicle project.
UDP2CT - UDP2CT is an extensible application which captures and parses UDP packets and saves the data to CT in a format amenable to CT/Unity.
CTstream - CTstream allows the user to capture and stream various types of data to a CloudTurbine source, including screen captures, web camera, audio, and text.
CTaudio - Audio recording application.
CTserial - CTserial reads and parses data a serial port and sends it to CloudTurbine.
CTtext - CTtext writes text as-you-type to CloudTurbine.
CTandroidAV - The CTandroidAV Android smartphone app streams real-time audio and video data in CT files via FTP from a phone to a desktop computer. Live audio/video may be viewed in the WebScan browser.
CTandroidACL - The CTandroidACL Android smartphone app streams accelerometer data.
CTlogger - CTlogger is a file parser that converts lines of comma-separated-value (CSV) log-file data to CloudTurbine zip-file format.
CTudp - The CTudp utility captures UDP packets of user-specified format into time-stamped CloudTurbine files. This is useful for high speed data packets, such as for capturing streaming video.

Utility Apps

Utility Apps access, manipulate, convert CloudTurbine data.

HDF5 to CloudTurbine - Convert HDF5 data to CloudTurbine format
FilePump/FileWatch - FilePump and FileWatch are test utilities which work together to analyze the performance of third-party file sharing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and FTP.
CTadmin - CTadmin is a CloudTurbine (CT) administration application. It enables viewing and manipulation of CT sources.
CTmetrics - CTmetrics monitors disk and application status and outputs stream of related metrics.
CTpack - CloudTurbine utility to convert and compact file block formats.
CTarchive (DT) - CTarchive subscribes to one or more channels in a DataTurbine source and converts the data to CloudTurbine format files.
CTsync - CTsync monitors a file folder in real-time and converts new files to CloudTurbine’s time-stamped folder structure.
CT2CSV - CT2CSV converts CloudTurbine files to CSV text files.

Viewer Apps

Viewer Apps export or display CloudTurbine data.

CT/Open MCT - View CT data in Open MCT
CTplugin (DT) - CTplugin is a sink application that enables DataTurbine to view CloudTurbine data.
CTweb - CTserver is an HTTP web server that makes CloudTurbine data files available via web-compatible URLs.
WebScan - WebScan is a browser-based CloudTurbine data viewer.

Example Apps

Example applications demonstrate CloudTurbine programming and uses.

Play CTrollaball - How to setup and play CTrollaball
CTjms - The CloudTurbine demo app “” demonstrates how JMS messaging can connect to/from CT data.
CTmousetrack - CTmousetrack captures interactive mouse cursor position to CloudTurbine files.
CTblocktest - Automatically generate a variety of CT data formats, with option to self-test for consistent results.
CTbigtest - CTbigtest is an example application that generates a very large number of sources and data.
CTsource - CTsource is an example of a CloudTurbine source utility. It can be used to generate data to pipe to other CloudTurbine applications for testing purposes.
CTsink - CTsink is an example of a CloudTurbine sink utility. It fetches data from all sources and channels which are found beneath a specified “root” folder.

Application Kits

Interested in participating in CloudTurbine development?  Site members can join App-Kit teams to extend the functionality of existing applications or make new applications.  Projects for all skill levels are available.


Suggest an App-Kit

CT/Multispatial - CloudTurbine Multi-Spatial Recorder aims to provide the Star Trek "holodeck" experience, extended to include multiple distributed real-time participants.
CTstream development - Enhance CTstream's user and developer interfaces.
PocketTurbine - Combine the power of CloudTurbine with the PocketBeagle single board computer to create a PocketTurbine!
CT/Open MCT - Utilize Open MCT as a CloudTurbine data viewer
CloudTurbine Mouse Adaptor - Capture input from 2D/3D mice to CloudTurbine
CT/Raspberry Pi - This app-kit investigates installing, running and testing CloudTurbine applications on a Raspberry Pi.
Arduino-to-CloudTurbine - This app-kit targets various ways to stream data from an Arduino device to CloudTurbine for convenient data distribution, display and storage.
CTandroid AV App-Kit - The CTandroidAV Android smartphone app streams real-time audio and video data in CT files via FTP from a phone to a desktop or cloud computer.