Arduino is a popular, inexpensive and easy to learn “open source” microcontroller platform for making interactive projects (  Components and kits are available at popular sites such as Sparkfun ( and Adafruit (  Numerous “shields” are available which stack on top of Arduino boards to extend communication, control and sensing functionality.  Programming in C++ is straightforward using the free Arduino IDE.

We combined an Arduino UNO with a TI ADS1115 16-bit based ADC board available from Adafruit.  The picture below shows our demonstration setup.  Although the ADC board is capable of supporting 2 differential or 4 single-ended channels, we show just one channel hooked up in this case.


The Arduino UNO streams data out via USB to a connected computer.  CTserial was used to capture and parse the serial data and send it to CloudTurbine.  CTserial was launched as follows:

CloudTurbine data can be viewed using WebScan, as shown in the image below.

As of 2016-12-21, component hardware costs from Adafruit for this demonstration were as follows:

Arduino UNO R3: $24.95

ADS1115 16-Bit ADC: $14.95

Combining this inexpensive hardware with free open source CloudTurbine software creates a simple yet powerful data acquisition and display system.