Skype is an innovative application enabling robust audio/video communication and screen sharing.  Network communication is an inherent capability supported in Skype since data distribution is foundational to its utility.  CloudTurbine is different.  In and of itself, CloudTurbine does not include a server to distribute data.  However, CloudTurbine can readily leverage the mirroring and data distribution capabilities of virtually any third-party file sharing service.  Skype is built for near real-time communication.  CloudTurbine can approach this depending on the third-party file sharing service being used and the amount of user- or developer-specified internal data buffering.  In addition, Skype and CloudTurbine (with file sharing service) performance are both dependent on the quality of the underlying Internet connection.

Standard CloudTurbine utilities can easily be configured for audio/video chat. CTstream provides audio and video capture, a third-party file sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive provides data distribution, and CTweb/WebScan are used for local display of shared data (i.e., play audio and video in web browser).  Even with a robust file sharing service and speedy internet connection, CloudTurbine-based A/V streaming will not typically have the Skype-like split-second responsiveness for round-trip “phone call” communication.  In some scenarios, such as webinars, where bi-directional communication can tolerate small (several second) delays, CloudTurbine may indeed provide a capable means for real-time “Skype like” audio/video communication.