Any data that can be stored in files can be streamed with CloudTurbine: text files, spreadsheet or word processing files, custom binary files.  Files can be added to CloudTurbine in several ways:

  • Use the CTsync utility to “drop” any file you’d like into CloudTurbine.
  • CloudTurbine comes with numerous source utilities for creating CloudTurbine-formatted output files (check out sources and how to get your data into CT).  For example, CTtext is a CloudTurbine application which writes text as-you-type to CloudTurbine. With every update, the full-length text file is written. This enables a very powerful text editing and streaming capability. As a user edits anywhere in the file, results are seen by streaming viewers. In this manner, viewers are able to watch the development of a document over time.
  • Use the CloudTurbine API to create a custom “source” application which writes text or binary files to CloudTurbine.  For an introduction to CloudTurbine development, check out the “Write your own files” tab at this page as well as the various developer pages.