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CTtraveler is a CloudTurbine-enabled Unity 3D application which demonstrates enhanced visualization for a NASA autonomous vehicle project.

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UDP2CT is an extensible application which captures and parses UDP packets and saves the data to CT in a format amenable to CT/Unity.

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CTstream allows the user to capture and stream various types of data to a CloudTurbine source, including screen captures, web camera, audio, and text.

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The CTandroidAV Android smartphone app streams real-time audio and video data in CT files via FTP from a phone to a desktop computer. Live audio/video may be viewed in the WebScan browser.

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CTlogger is a file parser that converts lines of comma-separated-value (CSV) log-file data to CloudTurbine zip-file format.

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The CTudp utility captures UDP packets of user-specified format into time-stamped CloudTurbine files. This is useful for high speed data packets, such as for capturing streaming video.

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