Cloudturbine now provides end-to-end encryption for a very high level of security and privacy. With a password or encryption key, channel data written to files (or within zip files) are encrypted using AES 128 bit encryption. A unique initialization vector (“nonce”) is encoded with every encrypted file.

This means your data (sensor, text, audio, video, everything) is encrypted before it hits the disk, and along its entire path during any file sharing or networking. It is decrypted after being read from disk at authorized remote viewer application(s). Only you own and control the encryption key. This is in addition to any security provisions provided by your site admin or file sharing provider.

CloudTurbine encryption/decryption is performed via the “” class as part of the Open Source distribution, using standard published encryption algorithms. Along with all CloudTurbine code, there are no hidden features, magic, or back doors to access your data in-transit.

As of this posting, the “CTstream” and “CTweb” apps provide encryption options via a password. Additional applications, including custom applications utilizing the CT API, may build-in encryption. More encryption features will follow, including encryption algorithm options, certificate and key handling utilities.