A new CloudTurbine release, V0.4, is available at https://github.com/cycronix/cloudturbine/releases/tag/V0.4 (or from the “CloudTurbine Release” link on the Download page).  This release includes:

  • bug fixes,
  • new streaming data application, “CTstream” (an enhanced version of CTscreencap),
  • new demo app “CTmousetrack” to capture mouse cursor movement as x/y CT channels,
  • option for end-to-end data encryption,
  • significantly improved performance from the CTlib core library.

The “CTapps.zip” file provided with this release includes sample audio/video data of a SpaceX launch, making it very easy to get a CloudTurbine demonstration up and running:

  1. Download CTapps.zip from GitHub.
  2. Extract the contents of CTapps.zip into a local folder on your computer
  3. Double-click on CTweb.jar from the extracted CTapps folder; this will start CTweb serving content from the included CTdata folder
  4. In a browser, launch WebScan by going to http://localhost:8000 ; select the “image.jpg” and “audio.wav” channels from the SpaceX source (see the figure below).

Refer to the associated documentation for CTweb and CTstream under the Apps section of this site.

Sample data provided with CloudTurbine release V0.4 displayed using CTweb/WebScan