Erigo Technologies and Cycronix recently worked with Canvass Labs¬†on their Phase I SBIR project for the Navy. The challenge was to support Navy logistics for dispersed systems across networks with limited or unreliable data sharing and to enable data fusion from physical systems and models. Canvass Labs responded by designing a framework called Digital Logistics for Navy, “DigiLog-N”, which will focus on fusing data from multiple sources and apply a deep learning prognostics model to anticipate maintenance needs. CloudTurbine (CT) is used to fuse data and to mitigate against data loss for intermittent networks. A tool was developed to write CT data to Apache Arrow format and publish it to the Apache Plasma in-memory object store.

Future DigiLog-N work will focus on enhancing system scalability and sustainability, including running the framework on edge and cloud computing platforms, containerizing system components (including CloudTurbine), and developing a smart and “ethical” prognostics model.