CT2CSV, the inverse of CTlogger, converts CloudTurbine files to CSV text files.  This could be used, for example, to create a data file which is easily imported into a spreadsheet application such as Microsoft Excel.  CT2CSV will only work with numerical sensor values (vs binary data such as images).


The output file will be located in the specified output folder (./CTcsv by default); the name of the file will be the same as the CT source name with a “.csv” extension.

Consider the example presented below.  Accelerometer data was captured from an Android phone running CTandroidACL.  The CT data was stored on a local computer in CloudTurbine/CTdata/AndroidACL.  CT2CSV was run in this same CloudTurbine folder as follows:

Output data was written to CloudTurbine/CTcsv/AndroidACL.csv.  The data was imported and plotted in a spreadsheet application as shown below.