CTadmin is a CloudTurbine (CT) administration application.  It enables viewing and manipulation of CT sources.

CTadmin parallels the file-structure underlying the CT data, but adds specific CT features such as quantity of embedded data, start and duration of data recording.  It also enables via right-click menus to rename, delete, and manipulate (e.g. re-packing) CT data sources.

CTadmin by design works on locally accessible CT files.  By sharing these files via third party services (e.g. Dropbox) with appropriate permissions, changes to local files are reflected to remote sites.



CTadmin’s optional command line argument is the name of a single source or CloudTurbine folder containing a collection of sources (such as a CTdata directory).  If a source or CT folder is supplied as an argument, CTadmin will automatically open the specified location at startup.

File menu
Menu item Description
Open… Open a CloudTurbine source or data folder (containing one or more CT sources)
Refresh Refresh the displayed source data
Exit Exit CTadmin


A popup menu is displayed when you right-click the mouse on data sources in the CloudTurbine data tree.  A description of these items and the current state of implementation is described in the table below.

Mouse right-click menu
Menu item Description
Rename… Rename the source
Repack… Invoke CTpack to repack the source into one large zip file
Delete… Delete the selected source