CTaudio is a CloudTurbine application to record local computer system audio to CloudTurbine. By default, CTaudio records system audio input, e.g. microphone. When used in conjunction with audio “loopback” (e.g. cable or software), sound from screen capture can be recorded synchronously with video (this can also be done using the CTstream application with optional audio input).

CTaudio has no command line arguments.  Launching the application (“java -jar CTaudio.jar”) brings up the user interface shown below.  Click Capture and Stop buttons to start and stop audio capture.

Audio is captured from the default system recording device (e.g. the default microphone) and saved as “.wav” files to CloudTurbine-formatted folders under “CTdata/CTaudio”.  CTaudio flushes data at 1-second intervals to ZIP files (each of which contains one “.wav” file).