CTbigtest is an example application that generates a very large number of sources and data.  The screen capture image shows some of the time-stamped folders and zip-files resulting from a run.

Edit the Java source file CTbigtest.java to configure run-time parameters:


CTbigtest takes one optional command line argument to specify the number of sources (defaults to 4).  CTbigtest is located in the CTexample.jar file and thus CTexample.jar needs to be on the classpath when running CTbigtest.

Each output source has the number of channels specified by the Nchan variable in the source code file (defaults to 3).  Channel names are of the following format:

where <id> is an integer from 0 to [Nchan-1].  For example, if you have specified to output 10 channels per source, the name of the first channel will be c0.f64 and the name of the last channel will be c9.f64.  Channel output files contain binary double-precision floating point data (8 bytes per sample).  The number of samples per output file is equal to blockInterval/sampInterval.  Thus, by default, each output file will contain 10 samples (10000/1000).

CTbigtest can be used to test CloudTurbine performance, it provides an example of writing a CloudTurbine source application, and can be used to generate data for testing other applications.  We hope you find it useful!