CTrollaball demonstrates a “Mixed Reality” interface to a 3D Virtual Reality (VR) environment.  Mixed-Reality is where the real-world and VR co-mingle.  CloudTurbine (CT) is a capable and efficient infrastructure for connecting these worlds. We are working to generalize this demo to become a multi-purpose Mixed Reality API, making it easy to share data streams between VR environments and the real-world, bridging applications along the “Virtuality Continuum”:

CTrollaball builds on the Unity tutorial “Roll-a-Ball” game in order to show how CloudTurbine stream-sharing makes it easy to translate real-time information and knowledge into a VR framework.  CloudTurbine extensions to Roll-a-Ball include:
  • Multi-player, multi-world mode
  • In-game “instant replay”
  • Remote monitoring via browsers
  • 3D world-event recordings with immersive playback
  • Custom sensor displays and charts
  • On-the-fly participants (real and virtual)
The demo below displays screen-capture video of several CTrollaball sessions:
  1. Red and Blue players compete in multiplayer mode
  2. Green Biplane is replayed forward and backward in time
  3. Yellow Ball displays external webcam video (recorded by CTstream)
  4. Blue Biplane follows Xplane flight track (captured by UDP2CT)

Click image to launch demo.  Click Play (“>”) button lower right to start playback. Drag slider to replay.

Note: these are recordings served over the Internet.  Live Unity application plays smoother.

Full-Screen Demo