CTweb is an HTTP web server that makes CloudTurbine data files available via web-compatible URLs. Ubiquitous, standard browsers and/or standard javascript may access data in this fashion. CTweb is a workhorse utility as it provides a very convenient and powerful interface to CloudTurbine data.


Command line options
Argument Description
-r swap byte order; with this flag, interpret data as “big-endian”, without this flag use “little-endian”
-x turn on debug output (high-level web interactions)
-X turn on debug output (low level API calls)
-C Index channels at startup (speeds up runtime cache-building)
-p <port> HTTP server port; default = 8000
-P <sslport> HTTPS (SSL) server port; default = 8443
-f <webfolder> directory containing WebScan JavaScript files; default = “CTweb”
-s <sourceFolder> limit data distribution to this single source
-k <keystoreFile> SSL security certificate repository for HTTPS; default = “ctweb.jks”
-K <keystorePW> keystore password; default = “ctweb.pw”
-a <authenticationFile> Optional authentication (realm) text file, rows of authorized user:password
-R <routingFile> Routing file (HTTP redirects) with entries per line of form:   SourceX=
-W <maxCTwriters> Enable up to the specified maximum number of HTTP PUT writers.
-w <keepTime> Delete data which is older than the specified keepTime value (seconds).
rootFolder top folder containing CloudTurbine source folders; default: “CTdata”

Data is fetched from CTweb either via the WebScan JavaScript user interface (available by requesting http://<ip>:<port> using the ip and port CTweb is running at) or by submitting appropriately configured URL requests as described below.

Following is an outline of the URL GET command syntax for retrieving data:

The fetch options are in URL parameter format.

Results Description Default
t=X time point of fetch 0 (relative to time reference)
d=X duration of fetch 0 (single point)
r=X time reference (oldest, newest, absolute) newest

CTweb URL syntax is compatible with the DataTurbine “WebTurbine” interface.  This enables WebScan operation with either system (CloudTurbine / DataTurbine) interchangeably.

CT data viewer

For information on using CTweb along with WebScan to view CloudTurbine data, see “Setup your own CloudTurbine data service” at https://www.cloudturbine.com/webscan-utility/.