CTsink is an example of a CloudTurbine sink utility.  It fetches data from all sources and channels which are found beneath a specified “root” folder.  It provides an example of writing a CloudTurbine sink application using the CTreader class.

CTsink is packaged in the CTexample.jar file and can be run as follows:

The default input root_folder is “CTexample”.

CTsink fetches the oldest 1000 seconds of data from all sources/channels it discovers under the root folder and prints this information (along with the timestamps) to the screen.  Channel names ending in “.f32” or “.num” are fetched as 32-bit floating point numbers; other channels are fetched as binary data and displayed as strings to the screen.

As an example, CTsink displays the following information for the CloudTurbine data written out by the CTsource test utility (the root folder is named “CTsource”):