A beta version of the new Gradle-based build system is being tested.  Going through this process has afforded us the opportunity to work out the details of an improved file structure and more flexible and “state of the art” build system.

As the figure shows, CloudTurbine projects are divided into two parent folders: one containing Java projects (CTlib, CTserver, etc.) and the other containing Android projects (CTandroidACL, CTandroidAV, etc.).


Gradle brings many powerful and flexible features to the CloudTurbine build system.  It supports a hierarchical and multi-project setup.  Gradle build commands can be run from the command line or from an integrated development environment (we have tested Eclipse and Android Studio).  Finally, it is easy to add new Java and Android projects to the build system.  We hope the features and ease of use of this updated build system will offer good support for the CloudTurbine developer community!