CloudTurbine uses the Gradle Build Tool ( as its build engine and we use the Buildship plugin [1] to integrate Gradle with Eclipse.  A recent article from Gradle [2] discusses on-going Buildship work, noting that the plugin “serves as a reference implementation for how to build great IDE support for the Gradle Build Tool”.

A couple interesting notes from this article about the upcoming Buildship 2.x release:

  • In the future, Kotlin [3], rather than Groovy, will be the “preferred language for writing Gradle build scripts”.  Kotlin will have better integration/support in Eclipse than Groovy, providing “syntax highlighting, auto completion, code navigation” etc.
  • Gradle is moving big into Cloud Services.  This includes the new Build Scan Service (, support for which will be integrated into Buildship.

We like using Eclipse, so it is great to see that Gradle continues to have strong support for this IDE!