It’s easy to host CloudTurbine on all levels of computer platforms, from Raspberry Pi to Mac/Windows/Linux personal computers to cloud-based virtual machines.  All of the demos running on this web site are hosted on an Amazon Web Services server.  The setup requirements for any type of platform are minimal – a recent version of Java and the CloudTurbine distribution files.  If you’d like remote access to your data, it is easy to setup a WebScan/CTweb-based data service.

Of course there are many non-CloudTurbine issues related to hosting and accessing data that go beyond this discussion.  For instance, if multiple users are going to submit CloudTurbine data, you’ll need to consider accounts and folder permissions.  Or if you are serving data to a broad audience you will probably want a static IP address and registered domain name.  Security must be a significant consideration (check out our information on CloudTurbine security).  But in terms of CloudTurbine itself, the setup and management is minimal!