CloudTurbine applications and the Java API library (CTlib.jar) are available from the CloudTurbine releases area on GitHub (a link to this GitHub page is also available on the CloudTurbine Download page).  Alternatively, you can build the distribution JAR files from source (see articles in the Developer area for further information).

You may find it convenient to keep all of the CloudTurbine JAR files (CTlib.jar, CTstream.jar, etc.) co-located in one directory.  JAR files could be added to a system CLASSPATH environment variable if desired, or you may define a system environment variable to specify the location of the folder which contains the JAR files.  As you install updated CloudTurbine releases on your computer, changing an environment variable to point to the new distribution folder allows for quick and transparent updates on your system.

All of the application files are “fat” JAR files, meaning each JAR contains all of the required dependency library files to execute (including the most basic dependency, the CloudTurbine API library, CTlib.jar).  This makes it very easy to execute CloudTurbine applications since no dependencies need to be included on the command line.  For example, to execute CTstream, you can simply run: