Cycronix has been awarded a Phase II SBIR contract from NASA to develop CloudTurbine technology.  Key development partner is Erigo Technologies.  CloudTurbine is middleware built upon a file-based interface which enables real time data streaming via file sharing services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, MS OneDrive, and many others.

NASA interests include flight testing, simulation, engineering telemetry and video streams to be captured and viewed in real-time over distributed networks.  CloudTurbine provides device and operating system independent streaming data archives for any data format.

CloudTurbine technology is applicable for commercial and consumer applications such as smartphone audio/video streaming, gaming, home “smart” appliance monitoring, and the Internet of Things.  Data security, of significant concern for all users, is well managed via a layered approach that leverages the battle-hardened infrastructure of user selected file sharing services for wide area network data transmittal.

The two year SBIR project has goals of advancing and maturing the technology, and making it accessible via an open source code repository.  News of project status and accomplishments will be posted to the CloudTurbine website.  The project team will develop a web portal that fosters a team of collaborators to utilize and advance Open Source CloudTurbine technology for a wide variety of applications.