logosWe are working hard on the new CloudTurbine website.  After review of several WordPress themes and site builders, we have select the “Divi” theme and builder from Elegant Themes.  If you are reading this on the new site, you will see the radically updated design including many new graphics and content.

The featured image for this post shows examples of several CloudTurbine logos under consideration.  One of these, or a variant, (or something totally different – we can’t resist trying out ideas) will soon become our new logo!

Many of the “edges” of the new site are still under development, so please be forgiving if you run into a dead-end or empty page here and there.  With time we will expand the site to an interactive portal for collaborative CloudTurbine users and developers.  Stay tuned.

Update 8..16.15:

We have migrated the site to the “Extra” theme, a more “magazine” style theme with some nice post formatting options.  This is largely an extension of the prior “Divi” theme, and utilizes the same Divi-Builder site building plugin.