Open Source DataTurbine (, based on the patented Ring-buffered Network Bus (RBNB) technology) is a real-time server which stores and synchronizes access to channels of data.  As a predecessor to CloudTurbine, DataTurbine and CloudTurbine share similar design principles, namely that any type of data can be stored and there is seamless integration between streaming real-time and playback data.  Leveraging advances in computer hardware and the proliferation of third-party file sharing services and cloud-based technology, CloudTurbine has taken a “micro-kernel” approach to advance the DataTurbine concept: there is no central server and the technology is focused on writing open, incremental archive data files.  The table below compares some of the features of these technologies.


DataTurbine CloudTurbine
central server yes, proprietary no
archive format custom, proprietary open format, incremental self-describing files
data mirroring & distribution built-in use 3rd-party file sharing services; built-in support for FTP
latency < 1msec 10ms – 1+sec (depending on file-sharing service)
HTTP support Tomcat server, WebScan CTweb, WebScan
administration moderate (networking and memory issues) low (3rd-party file-sharing service handles the details)
API Java-based Java-based