Two steps are recommended for setting up a local CloudTurbine system:

  1. Install the CloudTurbine distribution by following the steps at Installing and using CloudTurbine page.
  2. To view data in a browser, follow the steps on the WebScan page.  Part of this setup is creating a CTdata directory (your CloudTurbine data directory).  Depending on your needs for sharing data, you may want this data directory to be located within the shared folder of a third-party sharing service such as Dropbox or Google Drive.  Three components make up the WebScan browser-based data viewer: the HTTP/HTTPS server (CTweb.jar), client-side application for viewing data in a browser (located in the CTweb folder) and data directory (CTdata).  It is convenient to “co-locate” these three components, but they could be in separate locations (the locations of CTweb and CTdata fodlers can be specified on the CTweb.jar command line).

By following these steps, you will be ready to run CloudTurbine applications and view CloudTurbine data!  To test your setup, create some data in CTdata using CTsource and view it using WebScan.