The current CloudTurbine build system is a collection of individual Java and Android Eclipse projects.  This system has the following issues:

  • unwieldy setup: each project must be individually imported into Eclipse
  • flat structure: related to the first point, the project structure is not hierarchical, making the build system challenging to maintain and extend
  • legacy Android support: Google has terminated Android project support in Eclipse as of the end of 2015.

To combat these issues, we are in the midst of migrating the build system to Gradle, which should provide the following benefits:

  • good Eclipse support via the official Gradle Buildship Eclipse plugin
  • Gradle is the native build system for Android Studio (the official Android IDE)
  • Gradle supports a multi-project hierarchy
  • developers will be able to use either command line tools or an IDE for building projects
  • once CloudTurbine is setup under Gradle, it will be easy to maintain and add new projects

Look for the upgraded Gradle-based CloudTurbine build system sometime this summer!