An updated CTrollaball is being developed as a demonstration platform for showcasing the CloudTurbine-based Mixed-Reality interface.  CloudTurbine provides an excellent vehicle for interjecting real-world data into Virtual Reality applications.  The enhanced CTrollaball provides a test-bed for developing this interface.

Many new features have been added to CTrollaball.  The game supports multiple “avatars”; a green ball and red biplane are shown in the figure above.  Two of these avatars, the biplane and primplane, support 3-D movement around the game field.  Data is published via HTTP to a local or remote CTweb server; this shared data has a common format that allows interaction between multiple players.

The updated game screen includes new control buttons.  Click the gear icon in the upper left corner of the screen to pop up the configuration window.  Clicking the box icon next to this gear allows a new set of “pickup” play pieces to randomly populate the board (add as many pickups as you like).  Clicking the camera icon will record video as a series of jpeg images.  Finally, the replay button in the upper right corner allows user-controlled instant replay.

An “Observer” mode has also been added (selected from the Player pulldown menu at startup).  Observers can watch but not play in the game.  An Observer can follow a player by clicking on that player’s avatar in the game, and explore prior games via the replay button.

CTrollaball has been compiled under both Unity 2017 and Unity 2018 for Windows and Mac OS platforms.  This evolving game is a useful (and fun) framework for developing and testing the CloudTurbine Mixed-Reality platform.  Next steps include integration of in-world sensor-displays (charts, video); stay tuned for more details!