An introduction to CloudTurbine applications

Various applications have been developed to help you plot, share and store CloudTurbine (CT) data.  They illustrate the range of capabilities and integration options available to CT users, and show the technology in-action.  Applications are broken down into the following categories (see the Apps section of this website for more details):

  • Source apps generate CloudTurbine data.  For example, CTstream can create a movie (as a series of images) by capturing a portion of your computer desktop.
  • Utility apps allow users to access, manipulate and convert CloudTurbine data.  For example, CTadmin is an administrative application which provides details on locally accessible CT files and supports manipulation of the sources.
  • Viewer apps export or display CT data.  For example, one of our flagship CT applications is WebScan, a powerful browser-based data viewer.
  • Example apps have been developed to demonstrate CT programming and use cases.  A number of sample programs are provided in the CTexample project available on GitHub.  Another example application is CTblocktest which generates a variety of CT data formats.

Binaries (in the form of JAR files) for these various applications are available in the “” files at the CloudTurbine releases page on GitHub (with the exception of WebScan, which is available in its own repository on GitHub).