What does CloudTurbine do?

CloudTurbine (CT) helps you record, view, and distribute live streaming data of all sorts. It does this in modular, independent steps. Each step is made easy by how CT treats everything as regular files. Your job may entail one or more of these steps:

Step 1: A data source writes local files in CT-format. Lots of example CT source and data-capture apps exist, plus an API for custom solutions. If your role is to record streaming data, then your job ends here!

Step 2: A data sink reads CT-format local files. View or process your data using WebScan or third party software. A handy API is available for custom solutions. If your role is to display streaming data, then this is the extent of your job!

Step 3: Share and stream incrementally time-stamped CT files in real-time over networks using a file sharing app such as Dropbox. As network admin, your job is to setup file-sharing between sites. That’s it!