Stream anything.

View anywhere.

For free.

Stream Anything

If you can put it in a file, you can stream it with CloudTurbine!  CloudTurbine is data agnostic, it doesn’t care about the type or format of the data.  This makes the interfaces, both data source and data viewer, extremely simple.

Data from any source can be streamed: a thermometer, an accelerometer, a microphone, a camera, or a word processor.  Files with a recognized suffix (such as “image.jpg”, “samples.csv”, or “audio.wav”) enable additional data viewing features.

View Anywhere

CloudTurbine supports flexible access to local or networked data.  Our flagship WebScan app, a strip-chart and audio/video viewer, provides time synchronized access to CloudTurbine data channels via web browsers.

Leverage third-party file sharing services (such as Dropbox and MS OneDrive) to access your data on multiple devices and locations.

Dive down into the simple CloudTurbine file system structure to look at your data, even double-clicking on files which are in standard formats (.wav or .jpg for instance) to view content using built-in operating system viewers.

It’s Free

CloudTurbine is free and open source software covered by the generous terms of the Apache 2.0 license, hosted on GitHub.

This CloudTurbine web portal is designed to engage an open community of users and developers. CloudTurbine’s inventor, Matt Miller, has a long track record of encouraging open source development with Open Source DataTurbine.

We invite you to freely participate in CloudTurbine development, either by developing and publishing your own CloudTurbine applications or by participating in core CloudTurbine development.