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Stream Anything

CloudTurbine allows you to stream any type of data that you can store in files.

View Anywhere

The WebScan utility allows you to view CloudTurbine data streams in your browser.

It's Free

CloudTurbine is open source and hosted on GitHub

CloudTurbine is a data streaming system using simple incremental files.

This system consists of four parts:



Pick your data sources. Microphones, cameras, accelerometers, etc.



The heart of the CloudTurbine system is its time-coded folder structure.



Distribute the structured data files live using third party file sharing services.



CloudTurbine applications help you plot, share and store your data.

CloudTurbine WebScan Demo

WebScan utilizes CloudTurbine to view playback and real-time data streams in your web browser.

We dont want your data.

CloudTurbine packages your data for live streaming, via your choice of file sharing service, to and from your systems.  You control and store your own data.

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Learn the basics of setting up a CloudTurbine data streaming system for your project.

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